Teaching - Students

A. Current Graduate Students:

Leanne Tumlinson (MS): Leanne Tumlinson
Development of application of neutron attenuation to measure soil moisture and root water uptake using MNRC facility.

B. Students Graduated:

Gerrit Schoups (PhD-2004): gerrit@stanford.edu
Regional-scale hydrologic modeling of subsurface water flow and reactive salt transport in the western San Joaquin Valley, CA.

Kevin Ellett (MS-2002): ellettk@civenv.unimelb.edu.au
Hydrologic characterization of the deep vadose zone of the San Gorgonio Pass area for artificial and natural recharge analysis.

Atac Tuli (PhD-2001): atuli@ucdavis.edu
Pore geometry effect on gaseous diffusion and convective fluid flow in soils

Volker Clausnitzer (MS 1998; PhD 2001): vc@wasy.de
MS: Dynamic interation between root morphology and soil physical conditions: A three-dimensional modeling approach
PhD: Uncertainty analysis of porous-media flow modeling and x-ray computed-tomography measurements.

Mike Tansey (PhD-1999): mtansey@mp.usbr.gov
Three-dimensional solution of the permeability and dispersion closure problems in porous media by the method of volume-averaging

Francesca Somma (MS-1997): francesca.somma@jrc.it
Transient three-dimensional model for the simulation of the dynamic interaction between soil water, solute status and root growth

Jiayu Chen (PhD-1997): joychen@ucdavis.edu
Inverse parameter estimation of soil’s two-fluid capillary pressure and permeability functions

Terry Frueh (MS-1997): nrfruet@mail.dnr.state.mo.us
Soil moisture calibration of a TDR multilevel probe in gravelly soils.

Steve Essert (MS-1996): sessert@cal-inc.com
Field-scale water balance estimation using stable isotopes and improved soil-water sampling probe

Simon Eching (PhD-1994) : seching@water.ca.gov
Estimation of unsaturated soil hydraulic properties from transient laboratory and field experiments

Thomas Suggs (1993):
Effects of soil chemistry and impeding layers on variability of field-measured infiltration

C. International Graduate Students:

Jos van Dam (2000): Jos.vanDam@wur.nl

Field-scale water flow and solute transport. Wageningen Agricultural University

Jasper Vrugt (2004): vrugt@lanl.gov
Towards improved treatment of parameter uncertainty in hydrologic modeling. University of Amsterdam.